Traditional Holiday Style at Logee’s

by Laurelynn Martin

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Decorated Rosemary Tree

Getting ready for the Holidays this year at Logee’s took a reminiscent turn. We had some beautiful Rosemary Trees pruned in a conical shape and we couldn’t resist decorating them with ornaments and lights and sharing them with our customers (available only in the Logee’s Retail store).

Rosemary is a wonderful herb to have around the holidays with its fragrant scent and its culinary uses for special meals. I love to clip a few sprigs and make our family’s traditional Rosemary Bread recipe. Joy Logee Martin, second generation owner, always decorated her large Rosemary plant with hand tied ribbons and bows. Her Rosemary plant never had the tight groomed shape but rather upright, multiple stems. Nevertheless, decorating our Rosemary trees felt like we were paying tribute to this wonderful woman.

Another favorite we did this year was to shape our Myrtles into little standards and decorate them as well. Their tight foliage and tiny leaves shaped into a ball make them desirable around the holidays, especially when our herb grower, Roger, tied a ribbon around the stem and added tiny ornaments (retail store only).

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Myrtle Standard

We always think of citrus during the holidays and this year we have many 8” Meyer lemons with flowers and fruit on them. There is nothing better during the dark days of winter than smelling a sweet lemon blossom and watching and waiting for the fruit to ripen in the coming months.

Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon

To add to the reminiscent feeling of the holidays this year, we decorated with only white lights in our retail store. We even went as far as using white lights on our ceiling, which lights up the wooden rafters and the Ficus vine, that has on its own accord, has covered our ceiling.

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Logee’s Retail Store ready for the holidays – Danielson, CT

To round out our decorations, Shannon, one of our retail staff members, hand-made a large balsam wreath which graces our front door. Shannon will be holding a wreath making class at Logee’s, Dec. 7th from 6-8pm. Walk-ins are welcome!

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Wreath maker, and Logee’s Associate, Shannon Madden standing in front of our Retail Store

Come and visit Logee’s anytime of year, where inviting warmth and rare plants are always the star. Before you go, please be sure to explore our selection of fruiting, rare and tropical plants. And don’t forget to request your free Logee’s catalog, too!