Martha Stewart Visits Logee’s!

by Laurelynn Martin

Martha Stewart, surrounded by Laurelynn and Byron Martin

Martha Stewart with Logee’s Owners, Laurelynn and Byron Martin

What a delight to see our friend and fellow gardener, Martha Stewart. She was in town for an event at Mohegan Sun last weekend and made the 35-minute trip north to come visit us at Logee’s. On our tour around the greenhouses, we were quite pleased that she chose some old and new begonias to add to her collection. Of course, many know that Martha’s Begonia Collection is outstanding, and she has beautiful specimens of rhizomatous, rex and fibrous begonias.

At Logee’s, we hybridize many of our own begonias, such as Begonia ‘Autumn Ember’, Begonia ‘Lime Royale’ and Begonia ‘Desert Dream’ to name a few. While we took Martha on a tour of our Production Range, we stopped at our begonia bench and Martha chose a Logee hybrid that will be named after her called, Begonia ‘Martha Stewart’. We are quite excited to release this begonia in the Fall of 2018 in honor of our friend and true plantswoman, Martha Stewart. We are quite sure you will want this one for your collection, too.

Begonia ‘Martha Stewart’ - available Fall 2018

Begonia ‘Martha Stewart’ – Available Fall 2018

While at Logee’s, another noteworthy plant that is going to Martha’s collection is the rare Red Finger Lime, Australian Red Lime (Citrus australasica hybrid). Being the culinary expert that she is, Red Finger Lime will not only delight guests with the red rind, but the break-apart lime-colored juice vesicles inside. We were able to give her a large specimen in hopes of it flowering this spring and producing fruit just in time for the holidays.

Australian Red Lime (Citrus australasica hybrid)

Australian Red Lime

While we were walking through our 19,000 square foot production range with her floral designer Kevin Sharkey, Martha told us about her latest book called Martha’s Flowers, A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering and Enjoying. This is her 90th book, and will be released on February 27th. Congratulations Martha, we can’t wait to read it!

Martha Stewart and her floral designer Kevin Sharkey, holding Citrus medica ‘Turunji’

Martha Stewart and her floral designer Kevin Sharkey, holding Citrus medica ‘Turunji’

Speaking of flowers, Byron thought Martha should have Lady of the Night (Brunfelsia gigantea) because of its intense nighttime fragrance and large, 2” pure white flowers. He found a 2.5” pot with two flowers in bloom and assured her that the fragrance would intensify at night and would fill her home with its heady, intoxicating fragrance.

Lady of the Night (Brunfelsia gigantea)

Lady of the Night (Brunfelsia gigantea)

Finally, one of the largest plants that Martha was able to take with her was the rare Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum). This was a three-year old specimen and was about 4’ tall. We are so excited that she will be growing this in her greenhouse and will get to witness the largest and most unusual flower in the world.

Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum)

Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum)

It may take a couple more years before the Corpse Flower reaches its full blooming size. But if we know Martha, she has a knack for getting plants to bloom. Personally, I can’t wait to see what decorative garden container she will choose for the outstanding Amorphophallus titanium. Keep us posted Martha!

Martha, with her car loaded with plants from Logee's

Martha delighted with her Logee’s plants packed in the back of her car

Thank you for visiting Logee’s. Don’t forget to request your free Logee’s catalog while you’re here. You can learn more about Martha Stewart’s latest visit to Logee’s in her own words at The Martha Blog, or get more information on some of Martha’s plant selections below: