A Clean Start to 2018 with Air Cleaning Plants

by Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin

It seems every year, when we are stuck inside our homes and the weather outside is frigid, our attention turns to making our indoor environment healthy, pleasing and alive. What better way to do this than with plants that clean the air!

Of course, most of us learned about the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in 5th grade science class. And as a refresher, the big leaf plants have more surface area and therefore, have a larger filtering system. Amazingly enough, air molecules containing pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene (found in paints, particle board, foam insulation, plastics) and even chemical gases coming out of materials such as new rugs or furniture get filtered out of the air by plants.

For cleaner, healthier air, we recommend plants such as Spider plants and Sansevierias:

White Sansevieria ‘Bantel’s Sensation’ (Sansevieria trifasciata)

White Sansevieria ‘Bantel’s Sensation’

Other popular air cleaning plants are Peace Lilies, Crotons, Philodendrons and one of our favorites is Ficus pumilla. If you have ever been to Logee’s you will notice the entire ceiling of our retail store is covered with this Ficus:

Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila)

Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila)

Calatheas are another favorite foliage plant for air cleaning and for interesting textured leaves. We offer Calathea Rattlesnake, Calathea ‘Cobra Pink’ and White Fusion Peacock Plant:

White Fusion Peacock Plant (Calathea hybrid)

White Fusion Peacock Plant

One of my favorite plants for air cleaning is my four-foot Coffee Arabica tree I have growing in my living room. Its shiny leaves and lateral branching habit fill my window with pure air filtering bliss. And, when it’s in bloom the tiny fragrant white flowers create an aromatherapy bonanza:

Coffee (Coffea arabica)

Coffea arabica

Flowering plants clean the air as well but need much more attention in the way of full sun and increased watering needs. However, having tropical flowers such as Hibiscus, Thunbergias, and Heliconias give a sense of well-being just with their presence alone.

Blue Skyflower (Thunbergia grandiflora)

Blue Skyflower (Thunbergia grandiflora)

As you move into the new year, we wish you bountiful blessings and clean, fresh air so you and your plants thrive. While you’re here, be sure to explore some of our fruitingrare and tropical plants. And don’t forget to request your free Logee’s catalog, too!