6 Trendy Houseplants for 2019

By Ameliia Green, Logee’s Grower and Social Media Manager

Recognized for their health benefits and home decor value, houseplants have again hit the shelves and windowsills with enthusiasm in 2019. No longer are these leafy wonders just for the horticulturally inclined or home herbalists. Houseplant hobbyists have been growing at a steady rate with many generations becoming interested and enamored with this green trend. The glowing life that a healthy plant can bring to a space is undeniable. Enter any cafe or open any design magazine and you’ll find lush plants adorning tables and spaces. Jungle-like interiors are becoming less of a Pinterest daydream and more of an actual reality.

Through Instagram hashtags and traffic to our online plant store, it’s becoming clear what plants people are after and that is lush foliage plants of different shapes and sizes. These six trendy houseplants are the ones we currently see flying out of our greenhouses right now, and the ones we believe will continue to increase in popularity for 2019.

Begonia maculata ‘Wightii’

Begonia ‘Wightii’ (Begonia maculata variegata)

Begonia ‘Wightii’

Dare I say this is the most popular begonia in the world right now? Perhaps already one of the most popular plants on this list, Begonia maculata ‘Wightii’ has taken the plant world by storm. While this plant isn’t new, its popularity has absolutely skyrocketed. I’ve pondered about what it is that sets this particular variety apart from the rest of the polka dotted Angel Wing Begonias. Perhaps it’s the sultry deep red color of the back of the leaves or maybe it’s the vigorous growth style that people are looking for? Whatever it is, this plant’s popularity has not slowed down and we’re doing everything that we can to keep up with demand!

Neon Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Neon Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Neon Pothos

Ask any houseplant specialist which plant is best for a newbie or a shady room and they’re bound to recommend a pothos. Considered one of the most indestructible houseplants, pothos also possesses a gentle elegance that adds life and drama to any space. Heart-shaped chartreuse leaves cascade endlessly out of planters or down a hanging basket. Graceful and timeless, people often train their plants to grow up walls and railings or down bed posts and bookshelves. Neon Pothos has always been a wonderful plant to start with and it’s just as popular now for new and experienced growers alike.

Alocasia ‘Frydek’

Alocasia ‘Frydek’ (Alocasia hybrid)

Alocasia ‘Frydek’

Alocasia and most all plants in the aroid group have amassed quite a lot of interest in the last few years with followers often labeling themselves as #aroidaddicts online. ‘Frydek’ is a perfect example of a wonderful aroid and it’s easy to see what many love about it. The deep green, velvety foliage sports striking white veins making this a fantastic display plant, with an intense eye-catching intrigue. In the summer, these plants grow quickly and happily but come winter they need a little rest.

Silver Pothos ‘Silvery Anne’ (Scindapsis pictus)

Silver Pothos ‘Silvery Anne’ (Scindapsis pictus)

Silver Pothos ‘Silvery Anne’

Popular and hard to find, Scindapsis pictus varieties impress all who have the opportunity to see them in real life. The foliage shimmers in bright light and all of the varieties have unique and interesting silver leaf markings. Between the silver and shimmers, these vines radiate an ethereal beauty that is sought out by many. Humidity is certainly appreciated and these plants are happy placed under cloches or on humidity trays. Silver Pothos ‘Silvery Anne’ is a definite for any foliage collector.

Philodendron ‘Jungle Boogie’

Philodendron ‘Jungle Boogie’ (Philodendron hybrid)

Philodendron ‘Jungle Boogie’

Philodendrons are another in the aroid family that have just exploded in popularity. While some are slower and more difficult than others, ‘Jungle Boogie’ is a fantastic performer and reaches its large, mature size much faster than the average philodendron. Deeply serrated leaves that often grow to 3’ long add exotic appeal to any space.


Sansevieria Fernwood ‘Mikado’ (Sansevieria hybrid)

Sansevieria Fernwood ‘Mikado’

Often seen in the darker corners of restaurants and offices, Sansevierias thrive on neglect and once established are almost impossible to kill. These air-cleaning plants most often go by the common names “Snake Plant” or sometimes “Mother-in-Laws Tongue” so named for the sharply pointed leaves on some varieties. Logee’s offers rare and unusual hybrids like Bird’s Nest Sansevieria ‘Gold Hahnii,’ Sansevieria Fernwood ‘Mikado’ and White Sansevieria ‘Bantel’s Sensation.’ Grow in well-draining soil and water sparingly and your plant will stay happy forever.

Since this is a trendy plant article, I would be remiss to not mention these two plants that the world is in frantic desire to find. As the Social Media Manager, I get asked about these two near constantly. For all you ‘Pink Princess’ and Variegated Monstera seekers out there, here’s the scoop.

Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ (Philodendron erubescens)

Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’

The truth is they’re just very slow growers. We are constantly propagating and growing them, but their slow growth combined with their enormous popularity means that even when we do have some plants available, they are sold within minutes! The best advice for those hoping to get one is to sign up on our notifications list and keep an eye on your email. Just visit the plant link above, and click on “Notify me when this product is back in stock.” The notifications are sent to everyone at once, so if you receive a notification that one is available, order immediately!

Variegated Mexican Breadfruit (Monstera deliciosa 'Variegata')

Variegated Mexican Breadfruit (Monstera deliciosa ‘Variegata’)

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