Flamboyant flowers — a hallmark of tropical hibiscus

by Laurelynn Martin, Logee’s Co-Owner

Brilliant, bold and showy are just a few adjectives that describe Logee’s tropical hibiscus. They are by far the most impressive, colorful flowers that can easily be grown in a container on an outdoor patio or deck or planted directly into the garden in zones 10 and higher.

We love the colorful flamboyance of the new hibiscus varieties. For instance, Hibiscus ‘Voodoo Queen’ opens one day as a large pink flower with a violet center and by day’s end changes to yellow with a dusky gray heart:

Hibiscus 'Voodoo Queen' (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid)

Hibiscus ‘Voodoo Queen’

Or, the big, double hibiscus called ‘Queen of Dreams.’ This 7-8” flower boasts a kaleidoscope of colors in shades of yellow, orange, rose and lavender:

Hibiscus ‘Queen of Dreams’ (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid)

Hibiscus ‘Queen of Dreams’

Hibiscus ‘Rising Moon’ is another outstanding double, sporting creamy white flowers with red vibrant centers. These big ruffled flowers are perfect for a patio or deck where they add whimsy and flair to your garden:

Hibiscus ‘Rising Moon’ (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid)

Hibiscus ‘Rising Moon’

From soft and dreamy to bold and dramatic, Hibiscus ‘Black Dragon’ has 8” wide, deep burgundy, open faced flowers with dramatic black centers and small white streaks that highlight the petals:

Hibiscus ‘Black Dragon’ (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid)

Hibiscus ‘Black Dragon’

And finally, there is the brilliant orange Dwarf Cajun Hibiscus called ‘Sweetie’ — a dwarf in height, but not in flower size. The blooms reach 5-6” across and add color to small gardening spaces such as indoor or apartment balconies:

Dwarf Cajun Hibiscus ‘Sweetie’ (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid)

Dwarf Cajun Hibiscus ‘Sweetie’

With a little attention and care, your garden, patio or indoor gardening spaces will be bursting with color from these flamboyant tropical hibiscus plants. Learn more about the fruiting plants mentioned in this article:

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