Mimosa Sensitive Plant

Mimosa Sensitive plant

Mimosa Sensitive Plant

The Mimosa Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica) is a fun and unusual plant that absolutely loves the sun! Kids especially enjoy the Sensitive Plant as it actually moves when you touch its leaves. The fine leaflets open in the daylight, but when they’re touched they collapse downward. An hour or so later, they’ll come back up again.

As the plants mature, they form small puffs of pink bloom which add an extra benefit to this fascinating species. What a perfect way to introduce children to the world of plants!

Remember, the Sensitive Plant thrives in a sunny location, preferably in temperatures of 60°-65°F or higher. This makes them a perfect addition to a windowsill or light garden. For best results, it is recommended that you prune your Sensitive Plant only during the active growing season of spring and summer.

Mimosa Sensitive Plant – Highlights

Hardiness Zone: 10
Bloom Season: Summer
Sun Requirement: Full Sun
Grows to: 12″
Minimum Temperature Indoors: 60

I had remembered these plants from when I was stationed in the Philippines years ago. They used to grow like weeds covering the ground. You could see your footprints in the closed leaves when you walked across a clearing. The plant was in perfect shape when I received it and then I almost killed it. I re-potted the plant and put it out in a sunny location next to our water garden. It was May in NH with the daytime temperature was in the 70's. However, during the night it dropped to 42 F and in the morning it looked like I tortured the poor plant. The tips of the leaves were actually dead. It never dawned on me the plant could be so cold intolerant because it is so indestructible in the Philippines. If I had read the nice care sheet Logee's puts out with each plant I would have known enough not to do what I did. The plant has recovered nicely with warmer weather.
- Logee's customer, Herb - 5/27/2015