Showy Medinilla a.k.a. ‘Philippine Orchid’

Showy Medinilla (Medinilla magnifica)

Showy Medinilla

Native to the Philippines, the Showy Medinilla (Medinilla magnifica) is actually an epiphyte, a plant that grows on other trees but does not withdraw its food from those trees as parasites do. This species of Medinilla is also commonly known as the “Philippine orchid.” Various species and hybrids in this family are well known and much sought after with plant collectors.

The Showy Medinilla displays large umbels of draping pink blooms crowned with pink bracts. From spring through early summer, flowers emerge from the growing tips and last for weeks. It is a large blooming-size plant in a 6″ pot and requires minimal fertilizer.

In the tropics, the Showy Medinilla is grown as a perennial and is a common house plant in cooler climes. This easily grown epiphyte loves warm temperatures and prefers humidity levels above 50%. However, it can tolerate lower levels of humidity for short periods of time.

FUN FACT: King Boudewijn of Belgium was a big fan of Medinilla. He grew them in the royal conservatories and they were depicted on the bank note of 10,000 Belgian francs!

Showy Medinilla – Highlights

Hardiness Zone: 10
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer
Sun Requirement: Parial Sun
Grows to: 2-3′
Minimum Temperature Indoors: 60