Byron Martin’s Favorite Plants

Byron Martin with Bougainvillea Blueberry Ice

Byron with Bougainvillea Blueberry Ice

Logee’s was founded in 1892 by William D. Logee. Originally a cut-flower shop, we are now better known for our begonias, rare and unusual plants, and tropical container plants. Logee’s remains a family-owned and operated business, with William’s grandson and horticulturist, Byron Martin, overseeing the day-to-day operations. (Byron’s also an accomplished beekeeper and produces the most delicious local Connecticut honey, too!)

In this first picture, you see Byron with Bougainvillea Blueberry Ice variegated. Byron loves this plant because it makes a beautiful hanging basket, flowers most of the year, and when it is not in flower has beautiful varigated foliage for display.

Byron with Willow Leaf Ficus bonsai

Byron with Willow Leaf Ficus bonsai

Byron also loves growing bonsai plants. One of Byron’s earliest memories of plants are bonsai! Here he is posing with one of his favorites, a Willow Leaf Ficus bonsai. What’s great about this bonsai is that it grows quickly in a pot with a bulbous base and can be trained with wire for a miniature tree-like specimen.

You can learn more about these plants or check availability in the Logee’s online store by clicking on one of the links below: