Introducing: Begonia ‘Martha Stewart’ Only at Logee’s!

Begonia Martha Stewart

By Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin

Our new release, Begonia ‘Martha Stewart,’ has won the coveted prize of being featured on the front cover of our Fall 2018 catalog. We couldn’t think of a better way to thank our friend and fellow gardener, Martha Stewart, than to name one of our hybrid begonias after her. We are grateful not only for her support of Logee’s the past fifteen years, but of the plant world at large. Here’s how it all happened…

Martha, and her car loaded with plants from Logee's

Martha loading her car with plants from Logee’s

This past winter, Martha stopped by Logee’s after she had an appearance with Snoop Dog at Mohegan Sun, just 35 minutes south of us. She toured our greenhouses and we were able to show her our newest begonia hybrids in our Production Range. We showed her five unnamed begonias. Some had large-lime green leaves, others had red tones with pointed leaves and others had the classic Rex patterning with large spreading growth habits. We left it up to Martha which one she felt would be most representative of her love for begonias.

Much to our delight, she chose an elegant, spiraled-leaf begonia that portrays class and style much like Martha herself. Begonia ‘Martha Stewart’ is a rhizomatous cross between Begonia ‘Baby Dress’ and Begonia ‘Desert Dream’ giving way to a compact growth habit, 6-8” in height with a mounding display of leaves. Sprays of pink flowers rise above the foliage during the winter just when color is needed the most. The leaf color is constantly changing and starts out with soft tones of tan, chartreuse and beige with inner spirals of deep bronze. With increased light and during the long summer days, the bronze tones deepen to a rustic orange.

Here are a few photos showing the process of growing this begonia. First, the beginning of the growing process for Begonia ‘Martha Stewart,’ where it is grown from leaf wedges:


Next, we see a 2.5” pot of Begonia ‘Martha Stewart’:


Here is Begonia ‘Martha Stewart’ in 5” pots:

Begonia Martha Stewart - 5 inch pots

And finally, a specimen plant of Begonia ‘Martha Stewart':


Begonia ‘Martha Stewart’ is a strong grower and does well in the home environment with low humidity and dry conditions. Begonias do best when they are dried down between waterings. Give them partial sun with a minimum temperature of 60 degrees and soon you will be enjoying the spiraled wonder of your own Begonia ‘Martha Stewart.’

Thanks for visiting Logee’s and learning about Begonia ‘Martha Stewart.’ Before you go, please be sure to explore our selection of fruitingrare and tropical plants. And don’t forget to request your free Logee’s catalog, too!