You’re Invited to Logee’s 125th Anniversary Celebration!

Logee’s Greenhouses invites you to join us on June 17, 2017 from 10AM – 5 PM, to help us celebrate our 125th year in business selling fruiting, rare and tropical plants. We’ll be marking this special occasion during our 4th Annual Summer Solstice Celebration: Festival of Fruits and Flowers. All our greenhouses will be open to the public, and special tours will be available of our production and retail greenhouses. And in honor of the founding date of 1892, many of popular plants will be on sale for just $18.92!

Join us and have fun exploring the Potting Shed, the Fern House, the Herb House and the famous Lemon Tree House. Wander through the tropical pathways of the Big House and see the beauty of Angel’s Trumpets, and the Kumquat tree six different varieties of citrus grafted on it. The seven-circuit labyrinth will be open for walks and tours. The Festival of Fruits and Flowers will also feature local artisans, music and vendors of food, crafts and specialty items.

125 Years of Logee’s

Logee’s Greenhouses was founded by William D. Logee in 1892 in Danielson, Connecticut. He started the business as a cut flower grower and soon became interested in tropical and unusual plants. In 1900, he bought a small Ponderosa Lemon Tree from a grower in Philadelphia. It was known as the “American Wonder Lemon” (Citrus limon) due to the size of the fruit, which could become a massive 5-pound specimen. 

One of our gigantic “American Wonder” lemons

One of our gigantic “American Wonder” lemons

The plant was shipped by train, then picked up by horse and buggy and planted directly into the ground in the original greenhouse. The same tree still stands in the same greenhouse (appropriately called the Lemon Tree House), and it has been producing 5-pound lemons every year. Hundreds of thousands of cuttings have been harvested from this original tree to produce the Ponderosa Lemon trees that Logee’s sells. This year, as Logee’s celebrates its 125th anniversary, the American Wonder Lemon Tree continues to be a star attraction. 

Many additional greenhouses were built on the property as the company grew and produced more and more plants. The second-generation owner was Joy Logee Martin who loved begonias and geraniums. When Joy’s son, Byron Martin and his business partner, Laurelynn Martin took over as third generation owners, they turned their attention to bold, beautiful flowering plants, fragrant plants, fruiting plants and rare plants that perform well in containers.

Logee’s is a destination greenhouse for anyone who loves exotic and unusual plants. Our retail store is open daily. Remember to mark your calendar and help us celebrate our 125th Anniversary on June 17 for our Festival of Fruits and Flowers.  Hope to see you there!

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