Four Fabulous New Plants for 2019

By Laurelynn Martin

Every year we highlight new plants that we think you’ll enjoy growing. This year’s line-up includes plants in the fruiting, rare and tropical categories, as well as a Logee’s hybrid. We hope you’ll like the selection as much as we do…

Adenium ‘Joyful’

Desert Rose ‘Joyful’ (Adenium obesum hybrid)

Desert Rose ‘Joyful’

Adenium ‘Joyful’ says it all in its name. The stunning pink flowers, highlighted with creamy-white petal edges and white around the throat, bring joy to all who look upon them. It’s a beautiful sight when in full bloom since the colorful flowers offset the narrow green leaves. Give warm and sunny conditions with temperatures above 60° and watch ‘Joyful’ thrive.

Silver Pothos ‘Silvery Anne’

Silver Pothos ‘Silvery Anne’ (Scindapsus pictus hybrid)

Silver Pothos ‘Silvery Anne’

Silver Pothos ‘Silvery Anne’ is a trendy, hard-to-find houseplant. The elegance and interesting shimmery, dark green leaves have silver spots and flecking throughout and silver leaf edges. It creates a beautiful display when grown in a hanging basket with the foliage gracefully draping over the pot’s edge. Also known as Silver Philodendron or Satin Pothos, make sure to give humid conditions with bright but indirect sunlight.

Begonia ‘Amelia's Kaleidoscope’ (Begonia rhizomatous hybrid)

Begonia ‘Amelia’s Kaleidoscope’

Begonia ‘Amelia’s Kaleidoscope’

The next new introduction is our exclusive Logee hybrid called Begonia ‘Amelia’s Kaleidoscope.’ This medium to full size rhizomatous begonia has magic in its leaves. Juvenile leaves appear coppery-bronze and age to a chartreuse-lime color when mature with an overall netting pattern that brings this begonia to life. The kaleidoscopic colors are richer and deeper in the summertime and turn lighter in winter. It is a strong and vigorous grower with pink flowers rising above the foliage during the wintertime. We named this begonia after Amelia, one of Logee’s growers, who believed in this hybrid. Thanks, Amelia!

Macadamia Nut Tree

Macadamia Nut Tree (Macadamia integrifolia)

Macadamia Nut Tree

And finally, in the fruiting category, we are featuring the Macadamia Nut Tree. This Australian native can be grown in a large pot and, believe it or not, fruiting starts when the plant is just 2’ tall. Long chains of intensely fragrant, pink flowers bloom in spring and summer. Grow in full to partial sun with a phosphorous-free fertilizer and you’ll see fruit forming after the flowers have passed.

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